Temi, your absence didn’t go unnoticed, I missed reading your newsletter but I’m glad you allowed yourself to take a break when you really needed to. Thank you for sharing your honest reality, it’s appreciated. I’ve also been feeling like life has been feeling heavier than usual and I’ve been struggling to actually do anything apart from rest and potter around the house or garden. Autumn is always a big transition period for me so I get you. The book “Wintering” by Katherine May really helped me to adapt to the autumn and winter seasons without life feeling so dark and heavy. It helped me in a spiritual way too. Now, I re-read it each time autumn rolls around to remind myself how to deal with it with joy. Maybe it will resonate with you too? If not feel free to let it go!

I hope the Universe sends you some ease after these harder times 🫂

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My brother - deep and candid thoughts.

I applaud your courage and honesty. 😤

This is real for a lot of us who are creative entrepreneurs - it's been 3 years since I quit my job and went full time on my own and let me be the first to say .


I've fell in to my lowest of low lows and had some of the highest highs. Through it all I've learned:

1. I need God more than I need money.

The chase feels like it never seems to end. I'm at the point where I'm like - “Lord, just make my paths straight”

Whatever that looks like professionally. I just want peace and to be present for my family at this point.

2. I NEED community.

I notice I lean towards isolation, in an unhealthy way and when I do get “free” time, I sort of wallow and rest.

This past year, I've been more intentional about connecting with others in the body and just being present in each other's lives as much as possible.

I celebrate you bro and your ability to continue to:

1. Create through the dark time

2. Share your experience

Trust this is impacting MANY of us

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Not sure which I love more, the basketball, or the basketball box open reveal.

Fight for joy this year — selling bold ideas across a large organization.

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Thanks so much Robert!!

Man keep fighting I know selling bold ideas across a large org isn't an easy task! so I applaud you.

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x2 to everything everyone said below. and what I do with the little pockets of joy that happen throughout the day or week is trying to put a song from my curated playlist I have one for "Smile Really Big" for example jaja or one that is called "From love" or "Move Ya Hips" and it's little moments that are celebrated with a little dance of my favorite playlist/song.

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That basketball is so dope!!

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Being a medical worker can be overwhelming and life consuming so one way I fight for my joy is to take pleasure in the simple things like getting a manicure, slipping in a massage when I get the chance and getting the Word of God in by reading or listening to sermons daily or as frequently as possible. I’ve found that ultimately my joy comes from God so what better source to tap from?

Thank you for sharing how you fight for your joy. It was a beautiful read. The design you made for your wife is lovely. I like to think of things you design but I never thought about designing basketballs so that is something you are into. I’m proud of you Temi )).

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Ahhh I know this life all too well when fall hits and rooting for you friend! I wholly agree that in seasons like this you must fight for joy. I recently wrote a piece about the necessity of celebrating despite the struggle. I belve it makes times when we need to find our joy more accessible.

Lately my mood had been mooding as the season goes from feeling carefree to bogged down. I’ve found myself gardening more and deepening my spiritual work. I style and play in my closet more, draping myself in my own brand Shoppe Gal, and I let my mind wander into what next year’s Spring can look like for my studio.

My theory on these feels in fall and winter is that we aren’t meant to work. Built like bears we are meant to hibernate in these seasons. But society requires that we get up and make something honest of ourselves. The change in season becomes a beacon to rest and yet, we still must maintain. And yet it feels like things unravel around this season and often requiring that we are closer to home. Hopefully I can test this next season by pausing & trading my tattoo books to only coach from home. And re-enter tattoo for the Spring & Summer season.

Cheers to your fighting for joy!

I’m wholly rooting for you.

PS love your work ^^

Be well

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Thanks so much for sharing Imani! I agree, in the fall, I sometimes feel the need to hybernate and come back out in the spring lol so I feel you on that. Definitely try it out if you can. I'd love to one day work 6 months and take 6 months off lol. Wishing you the best this fall and hoping you get some time to rest!

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