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love what you said about embracing silence! that’s something i have to make a conscious effort to embrace as well, especially while i’m driving. God be dropping bars in those quiet moments.

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Love your writing style - thank you for sharing your thoughts. During my first internship with an incredible illustrator in New York I learned how essential silence is to concentration and self-knowing. I had always listened to music when I painted, but he banned it during our time together, and I quickly found that the quality of my output increased as my full attention was able to go into what I was doing. During those moments of working that require less focus, I found, as you said, that just being able to do some mental processing was really therapeutic. Multi-tasking is so encouraged in our day and age and I think it kills some of the creativity born out of boredom. I am so excited to read your newsletter more now!

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Enjoyed this entire post. All points felt relatable in some way, especially the last one. I’ve played around in Cinema 4D before (always felt a pressure of 3D being that one area I’m not up to speed with) and it’s been great for what I need to do at the time, but I never had the hardware specs to truly take advantage of its full capabilities. Before giving up on 3D entirely, I came across Spline 3D design (www.spline.design) and fell in love with the process again. Some serious transferable knowledge from C4D, much more user friendly experience. Pair it with Illustrator’s 3D tools and see how you like it them. ✨ I’ve yet to jump into blender.

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Congrats on the upcoming jacket launch.

Points #2 and #6 seem related and remind me of a conversation that Shinjini of Studio Diaries and I had last week in the comment section of her post:

She asked: “Do you find that making space for silence changes the way you approach your creativity?” and I answered: “I think it allows me to think more deeply which improves my writing and also generally allows for more ideas to flow. By turning off other people’s voices I can hear my own better.”


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